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Learn more about the Eames chair

Art is more than just painting or sculpture, in this article we are going to talk about the art of designing the famous American chair Emes Eames.

In fact, the art of aesthetics is a special and unique piece of furniture.

Ames chairs have become an artistic masterpiece in terms of aesthetics.
Ems chair history

Let’s start by introducing the makers of the Ames chair.

Charles and Ray Eames, the American designer couple, are the creators of the Ames chair.

Emes chair

They have earned the title of the golden couple of modernism.

In the middle of the twentieth century, they sought to create affordable chairs with a beautiful design for the middle class.

In 1950, they worked on a project to design a high-quality luxury chair with a completely stylish and modern look.

The Ames chair has become so popular that it has opened its doors to museums such as the MoMA in New York or the Art Institute of Chicago, and even made films and documentaries about it.

At the same time, the idea for the Lange and Automans Ames chair was formed, and it is now one of the most modern, comfortable and beautiful chairs in Ames

Popular Eames chair style

Many of these main seats were being built at the time, and Charles Iames had to repeatedly claim that they were designed in equal partnership with his wife, Rey, hardly recognized in the 1940s and 1950s. . Decades later, the couple’s work can be found in homes and offices around the world, and is highly respected for its modernist perspective.

Learn more about the history, identification, and value of a number of different Eames chair styles by Hermann Miller, originally and later Vitra for distribution in Europe and the Middle East.

Emes in today’s world

Despite the variety of designs of Emz chairs in different spaces such as the London Museum of Design and Design, it is natural to use the word amazing for these chairs! Take a look at their design, and how each piece has maintained its stability since the beginning of their design in the mid-twentieth century. Isn’t it really amazing ?!

Excellent design, comfort, pure art and observance of simplicity and stability factors are all features that have made Ames chairs a durable and lovable product. The designers of Charles and Ray Eames were able to produce three-sided boards as well as they could with creative raw materials such as resin and fiberglass and reticulated wood; Offer their seats.

Such brilliant designs, focused on the philosophy of production and design, led to the 1979 awarding of the Royal Gold Medal to the Royal Institute of British Architects, among other praises.

The appearance of the Ames chairs has gradually replaced them as minimal and very functional chairs. And today, Ames chairs are used as a symbol. The designers of this chair were able to stand on their own two feet with their basic design patterns and offer sustainable art to the community to show that even with simple furniture, you can easily design a room and sit down to talk with friends who may even Don’t know Ames.

Unlike other decorative components, these chairs create a special style in the layout of a room alone and can be very impressive at the same time and also create unique spaces by being placed next to other furniture elements.

Living room Eames chair:

Design year: 1956

Designer: Ray Eames

These museum chairs are usually used in conjunction with Ottoman-style chairs and will be very nice on the rug rugs in a reception hall with shiny elements.

How to identify a real Eames Lounge chair

One aspect that makes this chair comfortable is that the seat is constantly

tilted to take the low weight off the back and back of the grandmother. The first chairs and ottomans were made of tripod board bases, and finished in black leather with a shoulder button.

The original versions made by Hermann Miller in the mid-1950s were used

in the traditional style of “soft leather and full of wrinkles and fur”.

A clue that a similar chair may be the main one, if you put it back. This design is for adjusting the rest in a position without the need for adjustment. If the seat of a chair has a real mechanism, it is not a valid Eames piece.

Most Eames Lounge seats do not meet the basic design specifications. In fact, they are usually larger and somewhat unusual.

A reputable chair in this style is measured 32 inches from the floor to the top of the pillow. Many copies are several inches longer or 10 inches taller than the original.

The edge of the front seat is very close to 15 inches above the floor

(and some copies, such as the white model shown below, match these features). Also make sure to measure the distance between the arms and the front and back. Each of these 32.75-inch areas will be valid in an Eames chair. Deviating from these measurements can indicate that your seat is not valid.

Eames Lounge seats were marked with one of several new paper labels. Some just say that the chair was made by Hermann Miller, while others provide patent information. Sometimes the labels are placed under a cushion if you can’t find them at the bottom of the chair.

However, these types of labels can be removed or dropped for one reason or another. A look at other details can help determine if a chair you’re thinking about is a real article. For example, there should be no tripod boards on the outside of the seat.

You can also date this dining by looking

at the number of layers of plywood used in the construction of the shells.

Luxury chairs come in five layers, while modern versions have seven.

Searching for chairs that you know are real Eames anchors understands your diagnostic skills well. It will help you to learn even more about the features of organic parts.

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